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Many consider ParallelScore to be one of the best Software Engineering companies in the country, with an impressive client list. Some believe ParallelScore has mastered the art of remote working and has a solid work culture that has and continues to work for them. But what do ParallelScore employees think of the company? Only someone who has worked and lived life as a ParallelScore employee can provide you with accurate information. In this interview, Temilola Onaneye, a former Data Engineer at ParallelScore, walks us through his time there and illuminates everything people need to know.

What was your role at ParallelScore?

I worked as a Data Engineer at Parallelscore on the implementation of a Lakehouse for a project.

What did you love about working at ParallelScore?

I really loved that, on signing up at ParallelScore, there were clearly stated goals for me in terms of delivery and learning. I had to pick up new technologies within a short while to start delivering on my project immediately.

What insights would you have for other people considering a career with this company?

If you want to experience exponential growth, then try to get into ParallelScore by all means. You are definitely going to be world-class over there. Although the company would play its own part in setting you up for success, you would also have to put in serious work.

What are your thoughts on the overall company culture?

ParallelScore is a place where stars are made because you are challenged beyond the ordinary, and the fact that everyone around you is ready to contribute to your success is a joy to behold. For work culture, they are a company that has mastered the remote work strategy. You get to choose how you break down your major deliverables into smaller tasks with timelines. They also organise remote challenges and virtual parties that help employees to catch up with other members of the team.

Personally, I don’t like having so many meetings, and ParallelScore helped by reducing standups to once a week when you get to put on your camera and share work updates. The standup day was a day I always looked forward to because I got to see what my other colleagues looked like.

What did you learn from your time working for ParallelScore?

During my time, I learned a lot of things tech-wise. I became a world-class Data Engineer at ParallelScore because of the kind of project I was exposed to and the client I was assigned to work with. They were passionate about my growth. My confidence in the data engineering space grew as I could go head-on with anyone both at home and abroad. I also learnt the art of communicating adequately with every stakeholder while working on a project. 

One important thing I picked up at ParallelScore was the act of breaking things into bits and trusting the development process.

Any final words of advice to future employees of the company?

You can never get it wrong with ParallelScore. You work with the latest technologies, and there is a conscious effort for your growth. If you want a top-level challenge to help you improve your skills, try ParallelScore and put in the work. The reward is really massive and beyond what you can think of.

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