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ParallelScore has a reputation for developing products that are high quality and meet clients’ needs. In the following interview, Tolu Yussuf, a former employee, reflects on his time working at the company and some valuable lessons he learned. Check out the rest of this article to also discover more about what’s been happening at the company and how they’re doing things differently. 

What did you love about working in the company? 

Throughout its history, the company has been remote-friendly. Unlike other tech companies, they were building a culture that wasn’t common in the tech arena, and they embraced remote working.  They strive to give their employees as much freedom and flexibility as possible. As a result, employees are able to be more focused and productive at work.

What are your thoughts on the overall company culture?

 I had a great time working at this company. Overall, the company culture was good. Everyone’s opinions were well-received, and they really wanted your feedback. When finding solutions, our suggestions for improvement were considered. Back then, we ate, dined, and slept in the office. As an employee, I had a really positive experience with the company. It was responsive and a great place to work. The company made me feel like I was a valued member of their team. It provided a good working environment where one can develop skills by putting them into practice, as well as learning from other employees and clients. Aside from that, I liked the informal, friendly, yet professional culture at the company.

What did you learn from your time working in this company? 

During the early years of my career, the company helped me develop a lot. I had no experience when I joined the company. As a result of my on-the-job experience, I gained skills that will serve me well in the future. The company provided me with an opportunity to work with clients, which allowed me to see how my words and actions affected them. I also learned a lot and everyone else did as well, bringing us even closer together. The fact that I was able to interact with clients at that company was really rewarding to me.

What insights would you have for other employees considering a career with this company? 

ParallelScore is an excellent place to learn and to gain experience. You can work on a variety of projects. As a result, it is great for building a portfolio. As long as you work hard and are diligent, you will benefit in the end. Professionally, you will gain value from the experience. 

Any final words of advice to current employees of the company? 

One way to build yourself is by taking the job seriously. It is vital to take your work seriously in order to succeed professionally and establish a solid reputation. If something isn’t working, learn from your mistakes and try harder to make it work next time. Be persistent, improve, and always strive to be better. Opportunities will arise, so keep an eye out for them and focus on pursuing the ones that will move you closer to your career goals. 

At ParallelScore, we are always looking for talented people to join our team. If you’re interested in working remotely and making an impact right away, check out our open positions here:

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