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In 2021, we celebrated five years as a company. What a year it was; overcoming the challenges of COVID, devaluation of Naira and the emergence of permanent remote works. Through perseverance and commitment to excellence, we achieved double digit growth in many areas of our business. As we look ahead into 2022, we take account of our wins and lessons from 2021.

A strategic decision that drove many activities at ParallelScore in 2021 was the implementation of OKR as a way to keep us aligned as things evolved through the year.  Our four OKRs were:

  1. Strengthen the System  

This OKR set the stage for the year with a goal to hire fifty (50) people in 2021 as part of our mission of creating one thousand (1000) jobs within a decade. After reviewing hundreds of job applications, we successfully onboarded new members to our team ranging from Product Engineers, Platform Automation Engineers, Modern Experience Engineers, User Experience Designers, Insight/Analytics Engineers and Customer Advocate Analysts. Working closely with our clients and teams, we improved many internal processes and unlocked new opportunities to deliver value.

  1. Launch Products  

Our goal was simple. Develop and release products that matter. After months of research and developments, we estimated that over four thousand hours was contributed to develop and soon to launch GoodDeeds Mobile App.

  1. Be Relevant  

Our teams were able to contribute over fifty four [54] research articles to our insight repository which boosted our social media presence and relevancy as a product research and development studio.    

  1. Stand and Grow

We standardized across technology stacks, processes and tools. Through research, reinvestment and inclusive culture, we are able to overcome many challenges thrown our way in 2021, and thanks to our team and partners, we are standing strong heading in to 2022.

Looking ahead

It’s amazing to reflect on these goals and celebrate the learnings as we prepare to reach new heights. Thinking back to how it all started, it has been a journey of discovery achieved through flexibility, stability, focus, growth and many introspective. We are entering 2022 on a mission to AMPLIFY. 

We will amplify:  

  • Focused research on new ways technology can improve mental health 
  • Better automation, transparency, and collaborations across all our business
  • People who are developing ideas or building products and  that we are excited about 
  • DevAcon – Our first annual conference showcasing tech innovations by young Africans   

Can’t wait to see what 2022 is getting ready to teach us. Whatever we learn, we will amplify

Happy New Year


Adebayo Dawodu – CEO  


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