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As a software developer, it’s your responsibility to know and understand common misconceptions about what it’s like to become one. This article will cover five of them, including the perception that they’re capable of fixing all computer problems. They are as follows:

  1. Most people believe that software engineers are capable of fixing any kind of computer issue: Software engineers are not the jack-of-all-trades. They’re well versed in programming and how the software operates. However, if you have a hardware problem or need to reinstall an operating system, they’ll be out of their element. The point is they are not your one-stop shop for all technology needs. Sometimes, programmers can’t offer the same level of service as a technician at a hardware store.
  2. A course can teach you how to become a software engineer: The sad truth about coding is that you can’t learn everything in a classroom and if a course claims that it will teach you everything, they are doing something wrong. You will have to get some work experience before you can expect to make any money as a software developer. Basically, you have to get your hands dirty. While most courses help with the basics, they are not as useful as real-life work experience. It’s best if a course teaches things with the knowledge of what it’s like to actually create an app or website, but most developers don’t have that knowledge and are not willing to share it either. A lot of the things taught during your CS undergrad may even be irrelevant in a real-world setting. You’ll need to learn how to apply yourself as a programmer, and since nobody will provide you with this training, it’s important to seek out training from various sources. 
  3. Software engineers are introverts and anti-social: The reason for this misconception may be that many software engineers like working on their own rather than in groups, which isn’t necessarily an introverted trait at all. The fact is, working on your own is often very productive. Many introverts are more focused and are able to get their work done faster on their own. Being an introvert isn’t one defining thing either; there are different types of people with diverse social experiences. The truth is that there are software engineers who are quite gregarious and outgoing. So many programmers are also very good at teamwork and actually enjoy working with people and communicating with them. 
  4. People usually assume that software engineers are geeky or unattractive: People who work in tech are often stereotyped unfairly. The stereotype that people, most especially women, who are programmers or engineers are unfeminine, unattractive women is absurd. It’s strange how so many people can make such a huge assumption about someone based on one job, especially because there are many different types of programmers and engineers. That kind of assumption is incredibly sexist and just plain wrong. Technology is an industry that brings together a diverse group of people with a lot of different interests.
  5. Most people believe that software engineers don’t need any training or experience: Job-seekers shouldn’t assume that because they have a computer science degree they’re ready to be employed as a programmer, even if they’re confident in their abilities. A lot of companies and employers are picky when it comes to hiring new employees, which means that it’s not enough to just show up on the interview with a computer science degree. One of the things you will have to prove is that you are qualified for the job. 


The tech world has its own set of stereotypes, but none are quite as common as those related to software engineers. Software development is growing in popularity and becoming more accepted by the public at large, but many do not realize what it takes to succeed in this field. At ParallelScore, we develop innovative software solutions and work with companies around the world to meet their specific needs. We are currently looking for talented Software Engineers interested in contributing to the development of products for some of our leading clients in health, transportation, and customer experience. If you’re a passionate Software Engineer who’s looking to create innovative new products while having fun doing them, then join our team today. To apply, visit our careers page.

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